Professor Douglas A. Wiegmann is a nationally respected expert in the areas of aviation safety and accident investigation. He has received two navy commendation medals, one for his research on human factors safety issues during extended flight operations and the second, more recently, for development of a technique for classifying and studying pilot error in aviation accidents. This second effort has received national attention and is being used by the FAA to help define their agenda for research on flight safety. Prior to coming to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor Wiegmann has served as an aviation accident investigator for the National Transportation and Safety Board, where he led the team that was responsible for taking and interpreting testimony from eye-witnesses to the TWA Flight 800 crash. He was also the official human factors consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy during the investigation of the August 2003 blackout and consultant to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board during their analysis of the causes underlying the crash of the NASA space shuttle.
Dr. Wiegmann received his BS from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse in Psychology/Anthropology and his MS and PhD from Texas Christian University in Experimental Psychology with emphasis in cognition. Before joining UW-Madison, he completed his Post Doctoral M.S. from the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Biomedical Science in Clinical and Translational Research.